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Our Sacramento Lab Runs Diagnostic Blood Testing for Your Pets

Your dog or cat may be suffering from issues that are hard to diagnose. While regular exams are helpful in diagnosing most issues that pets have, more complicated cases often involve blood tests. Northgate Pet Hospital in Sacramento performs veterinary lab work to find out what specifically is ailing your dog or cat. By taking blood samples from your pet, we can test for a number of diseases, infections and other issues. 

Tests We Offer

We frequently carry out three different tests for red blood cells: hemoglobin concentration, red blood cell count and packed cell volume.

  • Hemoglobin concentration: This test measures the amount of oxygen that the red blood cells can carry.
  • Red blood cell count: This is a measurement of the number of red blood cells in a specified unit volume of blood.
  • Packed cell volume: This measure is the proportion of the blood occupied by red blood cells.

All of these tests are important and work together to provide data that allows the vet to diagnose a variety of diseases.

In addition to the red blood cell tests, we also will examine your pet’s white blood cells to make sure that everything is functioning correctly. There are five primary kinds of white blood cells, they are:

  • Neutrophils: These are the most common type, and they are dedicated to eating bacteria and other infectious organisms.
  • Eosinophil: These are similar to neutrophils, and their numbers tend to increase with allergic reactions and some kinds of injuries.
  • Basophils: These are the least common white blood cells, and are related to inflammation.
  • Monocytes: These are cells that are more prevalent when there is a chronic disease.
  • Lymphocytes: These are the cells responsible for producing antibodies which control immune responses.

Measuring and analyzing the platelets in addition to the white and red blood cell counts can help determine if your pet is suffering from a wide variety of issues.

Blood Testing

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